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16 January 2019
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Please click on a letter below to view all tartans beginning with that letter. For a more detailed search, you can use our Search the Register page.

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Your search has produced 345 resuls. To view more information on any of the tartans below, simply click on a tartan name.

Tartan NameCategoryDesign Date
RAAFMilitary Not Specified
RAAF #2Military Not Specified
RAAF #3Military Not Specified
RAAF #4Military Not Specified
RAAF #5Military Not Specified
Rabbie BurnsCorporate 01/07/2004
Rabbie's DramFashion Not Specified
RabbinicalName 28/10/2009
RabloganCorporate 01/04/2017
Rablogan BlackCorporate 01/04/2016
Rablogan HuntingCorporate 01/04/2017
Racing StewartCorporate 01/08/1995
Racing Stewart (Stealth)Corporate 01/11/2004
RAF 100Military 30/07/2017
RAF KinlossMilitary 01/04/2009
RAF LeucharsMilitary 01/01/1989
Rafferty (Estimated threadcount)Fashion 01/01/2005
Raibert CheckFashion 01/01/1983
RainbowFashion 01/01/1988
Rainbow #2Fashion 01/03/2000
Rainbow (Canada)Fashion 01/01/1974
Rainbow (Fort Worth)District 01/01/2003
Rainbow (Gay Community)Fashion 01/09/2000
Rainford (Personal)Name 01/11/2006
Raith Rovers Football ClubCorporate 01/01/1995
RajputMilitary 01/01/2003
Ralston (UK)Unidentified01/11/2006
Ralston (USA)Clan/Family01/01/2003
RamadaCorporate 01/09/2004
Ramblers Red Hat SocietyCorporate Not Specified
Rams TimelessCorporate 08/03/2013
Ramsay (Angus & Mearns)Clan/Family01/01/1856
Ramsay (Green Fashion)Fashion Not Specified
Ramsay (Orange)Fashion 01/01/1984
Ramsay (Red)Clan/Family01/01/1842
Ramsay Blue HuntingClan/Family01/01/1950
Ramsay of DalhousieClan/FamilyNot Specified
RangeleyDistrict 31/12/2015
Rangers Football ClubCorporate 01/01/1989
Rangers Football Club #2Corporate 01/01/1994
Rangers Football Club DressCorporate 01/01/1994
RankinClan/FamilyNot Specified
Rankin #2Clan/Family01/01/1932
Rankin (Dalgleish)Clan/Family01/01/2002
Rankin (Dalgleish) #2Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Rankin, John (Personal)Name 09/09/2015
Ranking (Personal)Name 01/01/2003
Rannoch Black XXXFashion 01/01/1985
Rannoch RedFashion 01/01/1985
Rapalje-DiebCorporate Not Specified
RathmoreFashion 01/01/2002
Rattray of LudeClan/Family01/01/1830
RavenCorporate Not Specified
Ravetta, Phil (Fife)Name 29/01/2007
Raymond JamesCorporate 25/05/2018
Raymond of DouneCorporate 01/01/1997
RaytheonCorporate 01/12/2014
RaznotravieCorporate 22/01/2013
RCACACorporate 13/08/2015
Read, Peter Dress (Personal)Name 20/02/2014
Reagan (Personal)Name 01/01/1962
Real Mary King's Close, TheCorporate 11/03/2013
RecoveryCorporate 01/04/1998
Recovery DressCorporate 01/04/1998
Recovery HuntingCorporate 01/04/1998
Recycled Lamb, TheCorporate 15/05/2013
Red ChapeauCorporate 01/05/2007
Red Deer, City ofDistrict 01/01/1996
Red Dirt GirlFashion 08/05/2014
Red Hatters UnitedCorporate 01/04/2007
Red LichtieDistrict 29/07/2012
Red RumCommemorative 01/01/1975
Red ThistleOther01/06/2017
Red WatchFashion 01/01/1963
Red, White, Blue Watch (Dance)Fashion 01/01/2002
Redgate (Connecticut)Name 06/02/2013
Redgate (Connecticut) #2Name 09/03/2013
Redgate (Connecticut) DressName 22/02/2013
Redgate (Connecticut) HuntingName 19/02/2013
Redgate (Connecticut) Hunting #2Name 17/03/2013
Redgate in Connecticut (Ulster-Scots)Name 22/03/2013
RedlandCorporate 01/01/2003
Redmond (2014)Name 16/09/2011
Redpath, Robert A (Personal)Name 08/11/2015
Redpath, The RonaldName 16/08/2010
Redwood DressFashion 01/01/1972
RedwoodsFashion 01/01/1972
Reece, MathewName 10/10/2010
Reekie (Edmonton)Name 11/09/2010
Reekie, CharleneName 09/09/2012
Reese (Personal)Name 01/01/2006
Reeves (2015)Name 01/07/2015
Reflections of the SeaFashion 01/01/1972
RegaliaFashion 01/01/1975
RegentFashion 01/01/1819
Regimbal, Leonel–Jean (Personal)Name 07/01/2016
Registers of Scotland, TheCorporate Not Specified
Rei Okamoto (Personal)Name 01/01/2007
Reid (1939)Other01/01/2003
Reid (Mill City)Name 10/07/2009
Reid and TaylorUnknown01/01/1984
Reid of Straloch (Personal)Name 01/01/1980
Reid, GreenClan/Family01/01/1991
Reidy WeddingName 22/03/2011
Reilly fae the MearnsName 03/09/2012
Reiver CheckFashion 01/01/1997
REME CorpsMilitary 13/12/2016
Remember MeOther01/03/2017
Remember the Somme 1916Commemorative 22/06/2014
Remony (Red)Fashion 01/07/1995
Rendell, CharlesName 06/09/2012
RenfrewFashion 01/01/2002
Renfrew #2Fashion 01/01/2002
RenfrewshireDistrict 01/02/1998
Rennie (Personal)Name 01/01/1980
Renton (Personal)Name 01/01/2007
Repper (2017)Name 16/06/2016
Résilience EnfanceCorporate 18/08/2017
Reuben J Jolley Family (Personal)Name 06/10/2011
Reykjavík ReflectionsFashion 19/08/2017
Rhode Island, State ofDistrict 01/01/2000
Rhys of WalesClan/Family01/01/2002
Rice of WalesClan/Family01/01/2002
Richard of WalesClan/Family01/01/2002
RichardsonName 01/01/2002
Richecourt, Baron of (Personal)Name 22/08/2003
Richmond de Ellel (Personal)Name 09/01/1999
Riddick FuryaOther18/10/2015
RiddochClan/FamilyNot Specified
RidgebackCorporate Not Specified
RiftFashion 01/07/2017
Rikaco ClassicFashion Not Specified
Rikaco EveFashion 05/04/2011
Rikaco HeirloomFashion 01/12/2001
Rikaco HolidayFashion 06/03/2012
Rikaco Morning DewFashion Not Specified
Rikaco Morning Dew #2Fashion 01/12/2001
Rikaco RedFashion 26/05/2010
Rikaco VintageFashion 29/05/2013
Riley's ThemeFashion 04/07/2012
Riley-Utter Union (Personal)Name 01/06/2013
RitchFashion 01/01/1800
Ritchie, Stephen James (Personal)Name 03/09/2015
Riyadh CaledonianCorporate Not Specified
Roach (2015)Name 22/12/2014
Roach, John (Personal)Name 05/09/2017
Roast Den, TheCorporate 04/03/2015
Rob Roy (Film)Corporate 01/01/2006
Rob Roy MacgregorClan/Family01/01/1704
Robb (Personal)Name Not Specified
Robb Red (Personal)Name Not Specified
RobberstadName 01/05/2005
Robberstad #2Name 01/11/2004
Robbie (Stirling) (Personal)Name 10/02/2011
RobbinsFashion 01/01/2002
Robert Burns LegacyCorporate 01/02/2006
Robert Byers Family - Dooballagh, IrelandName 23/04/2012
Robert Gordon UniversityCorporate 01/01/1997
Robert Lee Jordan Defiance (Personal)Name 01/09/2007
Roberts of WalesClan/Family01/01/2002
RobertsonClan/FamilyNot Specified
Robertson #2Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Robertson #3Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Robertson #4Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Robertson #5Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Robertson 1819Clan/Family01/01/1819
Robertson 1820 - White lineClan/Family01/01/1820
Robertson CurtainOtherNot Specified
Robertson Dress (Dalgleish) #2Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Robertson dress HuntingClan/Family01/01/2002
Robertson HuntingClan/Family01/01/1803
Robertson Hunting #2Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Robertson Hunting (MacGregor-Hastie)Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Robertson of StruanClan/FamilyNot Specified
Robertson of Struan 1816Clan/Family01/01/1816
RobiesonName 04/11/2005
Robieson Kith & Kin (Personal)Name 03/08/2005
Robieson PlayfieldCommemorative 04/11/2005
Robieson QAHSCommemorative 01/11/2005
Robieson, Graham Alexander (Personal)Name 01/09/2004
Robin Hood/Wilson no.224/Rob Roy HuntingFashion 01/01/1819
Robinson Dress (Pendleton) #1Clan/Family01/01/2002
Robinson, Barbara Ann (Personal)Name 27/01/2005
Robitaille, Jean-Francois (Personal)Name 01/04/2012
Rocky MountaineerCorporate 01/04/2016
Roderick DhuDistrict 01/01/1967
Rogers Family (Kilkeel) (Personal)Name 27/08/2012
Rogers, Jill (Personal)Name 10/04/2018
Rogue AttitudeCorporate 14/10/2016
Rogues (United States), TheCorporate 15/12/2012
Rollings (Personal)Name Not Specified
Roman Family Tribute (Personal)Name 15/10/2012
Romantic Scotland (Madonna)Commemorative 01/01/2001
RomsdalDistrict 01/01/2002
Romsdal TresfjordDistrict 01/01/2002
Rooney (Personal)Name Not Specified
RosalynFashion 17/01/2010
Roscommon County, Crest RangeDistrict 01/05/2005
Roscommon, CountyDistrict 01/01/1996
Rose HuntingClan/Family01/01/1831
Rose of Kilravock (Personal)Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Rose White DressClan/Family01/01/1950
Rose, Danny and Hanna (Personal)Name 19/01/2015
Roseate SunriseFashion 02/07/2015
RoseberryName 12/08/2009
RoselineCorporate 01/11/2005
Rosemount Course, Blairgowrie Golf ClubCorporate 01/12/2015
RosevearName 01/01/1990
Rosie (Personal)Name 01/08/2005
Roslin Roseline Da VinciCorporate 01/01/2006
RossClan/FamilyNot Specified
Ross #2Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Ross #3Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Ross #4Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Ross #5Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Ross #6Clan/Family01/01/2002
Ross #7Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Ross #8Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Ross (Wilsons)Clan/Family01/01/1819
Ross Anderson (Fashion) #2Fashion 01/01/1936
Ross ArisaidClan/FamilyNot Specified
Ross Dempster (Personal)Name 26/03/2001
Ross HuntingClan/FamilyNot Specified
Ross Hunting #2Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Ross Hunting #3Clan/Family01/01/1820
Ross Hunting DressFashion 01/01/1980
Ross Wedding DressOther01/01/1766
Ross, DavidCommemorative 01/06/2003
Ross, OldClan/Family01/01/1800
Ross, Ryan (Personal)Name Not Specified
Rosser of WalesClan/Family01/01/2002
Rossi (Personal)Name 01/03/2006
Rosslyn ChapelCorporate 01/08/1999
Rotary InternationalCorporate 01/01/1993
RothesDistrict 27/04/2018
RothesayDistrict 01/01/2002
Rothesay #2District 01/01/1906
Rothesay (Red)District 01/01/1840
Rothesay Hunting, Duke ofDistrict 01/01/1940
Rothesay, Dress (VS)Royal01/01/1829
Rothesay, Duke ofRoyalNot Specified
Rothesay, Duke of #2RoyalNot Specified
Round TableUnknown01/01/1983
Round Table (1997)Corporate 01/06/1997
Round Table SwedenCorporate 31/05/2012
Rourke-Frew (Ontario)Name 23/04/2013
Rourke-Frew HuntingName 13/09/2013
Rowan (Personal)Name 01/01/1990
Rowan DrillingCorporate 30/01/2018
RowardennanFashion 01/01/1978
RoxburghDistrict Not Specified
Roxburgh RedDistrict 01/01/1840
Roy (2017)Name 01/05/2016
Royal & Ancient/Golfing StewartName 01/08/1999
Royal Agricultural Winter FairCommemorative 01/01/1997
Royal Air ForceMilitary 01/01/1988
Royal Air Force LossiemouthMilitary 01/05/1993
Royal and Ancient, TheCorporate 01/01/1993
Royal Army of OmanMilitary 01/07/2003
Royal Army Physical Training Corps Association (Scotland)Military 19/04/2012
Royal Ashburn Golf ClubCorporate 01/08/2005
Royal British LegionCorporate 01/01/1998
Royal Caledonian Curling ClubCorporate 29/07/2013
Royal Canadian Air ForceMilitary 01/01/1942
Royal Canadian Air Force #2Military Not Specified
Royal Canadian Air Force #3Military Not Specified
Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceCorporate 05/05/1998
Royal College of General PractitionersCorporate 01/01/2001
Royal College of MidwivesCorporate 01/08/2002
Royal College of Physicians of EdinburghCorporate 01/01/1997
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, TheCorporate 01/05/1998
Royal ColumbianFashion 01/01/1968
Royal Conservatoire of ScotlandCorporate 01/10/2016
Royal Corps of SignalsMilitary 30/04/2018
Royal DeesideDistrict Not Specified
Royal DelightFashion 01/01/1972
Royal Dornoch Golf Club, TheCorporate 30/04/2013
Royal Gourock Yacht Club, TheCorporate 24/01/2014
Royal Guard of Oman 4th Band SquadronMilitary 20/10/2010
Royal HighlandCorporate 01/03/1992
Royal Highland Yacht ClubCorporate 01/04/2006
Royal Logistic CorpsMilitary 30/04/2018
Royal Marines CondorMilitary 01/01/1994
Royal Na ConnaughtDistrict 01/01/2002
Royal National Lifeboat InstitutionCorporate Not Specified
Royal Naval AssociationMilitary 01/07/2002
Royal NavyFashion 01/03/2001
Royal Navy Submarine ServiceMilitary 26/05/2016
Royal Pharmaceutical SocietyCommemorative 01/01/1990
Royal Pumpkin SpiceFashion 24/08/2018
Royal Regiment of FusiliersMilitary 16/03/2017
Royal Scots FusiliersMilitary 01/01/1949
Royal Scotsman TrainCorporate 01/01/2008
Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent InstitutionCorporate 01/01/1996
Royal Scottish AssuranceCorporate 01/01/1991
Royal Scottish CorporationCorporate 01/06/2005
Royal Scottish Country Dance SocietyCorporate 01/06/2006
Royal Scottish Pipe Band AssociationCorporate 01/01/1999
Royal Stuart/StewartClan/FamilyNot Specified
Royal Stuart/Stewart (Variant)OtherNot Specified
Royal Terrace HotelCorporate 25/04/2018
Royal Troon Golf Club, TheCorporate 30/04/2014
Royal Warrant HoldersCorporate 01/01/1994
Royal WelshMilitary 06/12/2017
Royal Yacht BritanniaCorporate 01/12/1998
Ruairidh (Personal)Name Not Specified
Ruben Delanghe (Personal)Name 26/07/2009
Rui (Personal)Name 01/01/1996
RunrigCorporate 23/01/2018
Russell or Mitchell or Hunter or GalbraithClan/FamilyNot Specified
Russian Arctic ConvoyCommemorative 01/12/2014
Russian ScottishDistrict 01/06/2007
Rust (Personal)Name 01/01/1981
Rutherford, John (Personal)Name 09/11/2011
Rutherford, Simon Travis Alan (Personal)Name 14/06/2017
Rutherford, Simon Travis Alan Hunting (Personal)Name 10/08/2017
Ruthven (V.S.)Clan/Family01/01/1842
Rutlin (Personal)Name 28/12/2007
Ruxton DressClan/Family21/07/1997
Ruxton HuntingClan/Family21/07/1997
RwandaDistrict 01/08/2007
Ryan/Fehder (Personal)Name 24/07/2011
Ryder Cup 2006Corporate 01/01/2006
Ryder Cup, TheCorporate 14/02/2013
Ryukoku University Heian Junior High SchoolCorporate 10/10/2012
Ryukoku University Heian Senior High SchoolCorporate 10/10/2012
Ryutokukan High SchoolCorporate 20/04/2012
Ryutokukan Junior High SchoolCorporate 20/04/2012
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